Relocation Services

Immigration Service. Residence Service. Family support Service. Career Service.

You are thinking about moving to Carinthia, the sunny south of Austria on the boarder to Italy and Slovenia? Well, then we are your relocation partners, who will support you on this exciting but sometimes also challenging journey, especially when relocating with your family. 

Our support starts as early as applying for the relevant work permits and includes a personal one to one coaching session and/or accompanying you to local authorities and other institutions once you arrive. We support you in finding an apartment, school and kindergarden placements and connect you with international families and locals in the area. With our customized Dual Career Service we support your partner in finding a suitable job in Carinthia. Our career consultants provide information about the potential new work environment and coach your partner on their path to employment, setting up their own business or going through the formal recognition process of qualifications.

Relocation Services

  • We get in touch with the respective new employee to consult and answer any questions on the entry requirements and documents needed to start the immigration process
  • We hand over the paperwork to the relevant authorities to obtain a visa or work permit
  • We accompany the new employee when collecting the documents/notices (registration certificate) from the authorities
  • We assist with social security registration, ordering the ecard and assist with requesting an appointment for photo registration
  • We assist with initial registration on Finanzonline
  • We assist with opening a bank account and accompany the new employee to the appointment
  • We assist in choosing and signing contracts with internet- cell phone providers, private liability insurance providers
  • We connect the new employee with language tandems
  • We provide a welcome brochure with lots of detailed information on relocating, arriving, working and living in Carinthia
  • We connect the new employee with the international and local community and provide information about local clubs, organizations and volunteer groups

Family Support Services

  • Support in finding a placement in a school / kindergarten
  • Arrangement of meetings with school and kindergarten principals including accompaniment to the meetings
  • Application for family benefits
  • Information in regard to modalities about childcare allowance and providing of relevant contacts as well as accompanying to the administration offices
  • Search for language teacher or language school (German and other languages)
  • Family language offers at the CIC offices
  • Information about the AMS (Austrian Job Market Service) and accompanying to the appointments
  • Provide information regarding the child scholarship
  • Arrangement of language courses and child care, leisure activities, sports groups
  • Provide information and registration link for the Family Card
  • Provide information and registration link for the Kärnten Card

Administrative Services

  • We assist the new employee with registering pets
  • We assist with vehicle import and registration
  • We support during the re-registration of the motor vehicle (Austrian license plate), motor vehicle insurance re-registration and if necessary with the application for a parking permit
  • We support during the driver's license transfer or driver's license with examination for non-EEA citizens (coordination of driving school appointments, list of doctors, recommendation of interpreters, appointment and accompaniment to police)

Departure Services

  • Cancellation of rental contract by registered mail apartment or house
  • Cancellation of up to 6 other contracts
  • Close bank account
  • Deregistration at the registration office
  • Advice on a diverting mail service
  • Supervising return of the deposit
  • Organizing the hand-over of your property.
  • Provide information moving services to other countries

Residence Services

  • We gather customer information on living requirements to provide advice and start the housing search process
  • We coordinate appointments with real estate agencies and compile a property viewing tour
  • We accompany visits to apartments according to the pre-selection of the new employee
  • We offer a translation service of the rental offer and contract from German to English (no legal verification of the contracts)
  • We accompany the new employee to the signing of the contract and support in case of any language barriers between the two parties
  • We assist with the registration of gas, electricity, internet, TV, household insurance, GIS etc.


The Red-White-Red Card, Red-White-Red Card Plus & EU Blue Card

The Red-White-Red Card 

Third country nationals need a visa for stays up to six months. When they need to stay longer, the Red-White-Red card serves as a residence permit. It is issued for a period of 24 months and entitles a qualified worker and citizen of a third country to fixed-term settlement and employment by the employer specified in the application.

The Red-White-Red Card Plus 

If you hold a Red-White-Red card and have been employed for 21 months during the preceding 24 months, you are eligible for a Red-White-Red Card plus. This entitles a third-country national to fixed-term settlement and unlimited labour market access (as a self-employed or an employed person, not limited to a specific employer).

The EU Blue Card 

This entitles a third-country citizen to fixed-term settlement and employment with a specific employer. It is issued for a validity of 24 months. An applicant may be granted an EU Blue Card if he or she

  • has completed a course of study at a university or other tertiary educational institution with a minimum duration of three years,
  • has received a binding job offer for at least one year in Austria and the employment corresponds to your education,
  • will earn a gross annual income of at least one and a half times the average gross annual income of full-time employees
  • and the labour market test (Arbeitsmarktprüfung) shows that there is no equally qualified worker registered as a jobseeker with the Public Employment Service (AMS) available for the job.

Application forms for the above can be downloaded here: