Free Language offers for members

For our CIC members we have a lot of special offers to learn languages in a fun and exciting environment as part of your membership. Not yet CIC member? We kindly invite you to become a member!

Language Workshops for Children

This popular initiative focuses on creating a fun and exciting environment for children to read books together, play games, sing songs and create arts and crafts while interacting in a new language. The aim is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable practicing a new language while learning about other cultures and making new friends.

Best of all, these workshops for children are free of charge for all CIC members.


Italian language Workshops: Un, due, tre… Libro!

The aim of this workshop is for children to spend time together, having fun reading a book in Italian. The recommended age is between 2 to 8 years old, but everyone is welcome, from 0 years on!  Come along and spend time with us that is full of laughter, adventure and fantasy. 


Ukrainian language Workshops: The fabulous World of Books!

The world of books is magical and fascinating, and we invite you to come and discover it together! The group leader will read books in Ukrainian to you and your children, share impressions and encourage conversation. Reading aloud is also really useful for the development and awareness of the children.


Spanish language Workshops: Yo también hablo español

An opportunity for children aged between 1 to 8 years old to learn Spanish in a playful way! At this group the organizer Mayumi Miyagi will read children's literature and your child will sing songs and get to know typical games from Latin America. It takes place at the CIC Office, Hauptplatz 7 Villach.  When?