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You are a CIC member and have an offer which will engage our community? Well then you have come to the right place. We are always looking for people who would like to share their passion and contribute their experience and time to create a colourful and diverse range of products. Our overall aim always is to support newcomers and residents alike to make new friends from all over the world in an open and trusting environment.

English Course "Fun with Flupe"

The CIC - member Helen Doron offers Early English Course "Fun with Flupe"  for  3-5 year olds.  “Fun with Flupe” takes place at 3pm on Tuesday afternoons in a lovely garden house  in central Klagenfurt. Children can do a free-of-charge trial lesson (and parents can watch) before signing up.

The course has already started, but it is still early days. It is possible to attend on  18 or 25 October to try out a lesson and join the course by the end of October though of course it is a case of - the earlier the better. Anna can be contacted directly on 0650/9637906 or at

Helen Doron Early English courses are taught worldwide and are especially well-known and popular in Eastern Europe, South Korea and South America. Classes are taught in small groups of maximally 8 children and are very interactive, full of movement, singing and games and lots of speaking. Details are available on the Helen Doron Austria website.

Music lessons

"Hello, everyone! I am a Music and Pedagogy Teacher with eight years of professional music experience. I adore teaching and transmitting knowledge to others. I can give music lessons to people of different ages.  These could be individual lessons (online / in person) or group workshops for the youngest. These are some of the subjects I could give a lesson on:

  • Piano 
  • Solfeggio 
  • Singing 
  • Music Theory
  • Choir singing 
  • Ethno singing 

English for Kids (Learn language spontaneously through singing songs and playing funny music games with movements. It is the easiest and fmost fun way for kids to learn something new. Additionally, they also develop also their motor skills, mental skills, improve memory and speaking)

I am able to teach children in Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian or English language. German language is in progress". Register here

English Yoga Classes

Ananda Yoga Classes in English - “Steadiness in unsteady times”

Norbu Oberdorfer is an internationally experienced Austrian Yoga teacher. This autumn he offers an English Yoga Course, which will include a series of 10 Yoga classes, designed for adult international participants on intermediate level. The classes will be held in English!

The classes will be held in English!

For questions, mob. Phone +43 699 17 0 71 639, or

Norbu is looking forward to teach and share his joy and passion for Yoga with You!


Networking Between the Mountains

"I am Anita Pinagli, a qualified Carinthian wander mountain guide (Bergwanderführer) and  I would like to share my knowledge with you. Networking Between the Mountains is a project which allows people to acquire basic knowledge about how to approach the local mountains, which rules to follow and what are the hidden dangers you can encounter along your hike. Let’s network between our mountains together! The area around Villach offers many different mountain peaks to conquer!  The inconvenient point is that mountains are not always accessible to everybody. Mountains are an entity with their own will: you need to know their language and you need to learn to respect it! So it will respect you!" 

Registration by mail to:


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